Why Is Music Better With Marijuana

There is no doubt that a majority of weed enthusiasts love music. In fact, it is rare to find a cannabis consumer who does not have a favorite music genre or band. There is something related to euphoria that makes music seem better – whether it is lyrics, beat or the sound. While the reason is not yet clear, it is true that music seems so amazing when the listener is high. Researchers have given some interesting facts about the impact of weed on music experiences. Depending on the effects of cannabis on our mind and body, here are some useful considerations about music and this drug.

Weed’s Effects on Music – The Science

Cannabidiol, THC and other cannabinoids interact with the receptors in the brain thereby affecting the response to stimuli. THC, as compared to placebo, increases the flow of blood to the brain areas responsible for reward and emotion while reduces the flow to the region where senses are processed. This is why music is more touching when high and produces a higher emotional response. Listeners experience the notes rather than waiting for the next one while relating the music with their personal interpretation.

Weed also enhances the activity in the part of the brain that regulates the senses of inspiration, decision-making and reward-processing to add to the desire to listen to music and makes it highly satiating. Apart from this, the drug is known to eliminate lines between senses and this is why a person with euphoria may need to turn the music volume down to see better in the night. This means the senses are heightened in such a way that they are almost indistinguishable. With the aid of THC, you may be able to taste music. This occurs when the compound interacts with different regions of the brain that control your senses. When high, the brain performs the integration of different senses and combines them all at a heightened rate.

Science has found that it is the brain’s audit processing system that is unaffected by the psychoactive compound present in the herb. Research states that the supplement neither improves nor degrades the person’s capability to process the auditory response. This implies that cannabis may not help you hear better but improve the cognition you use to process it.

Connection Between Music and Weed

The relation between marijuana and music extends beyond the perception itself. According to research, both music and marijuana possess similar therapeutic effects including relief from anxiety, pain and a sense of connection with the surrounding. A study performed in 2011 suggests that those who considered listening to music after surgery had reduced pain perception. Music in any form is certainly a great pain reliever. The reason is quite clear – music proves to be a great distracter. A person may find it difficult to focus on problems or pain when listening to his favorite music. Music is also known to enhance connection with the community as it has always remained a communal activity in all the forms.

And when weed is added to this mix, you can expect amplified results. The two have long been known to be great for sharing information and connecting. The drug can get you rid of stress, and help communicate while music promotes discipline and co-operation. When the two are used in a combination, one can find the perfect scenario to connect with others and the Universe deeply and learn something new in the process. The drug can also help relax and get rid of outside stress so that you can enjoy music better. This allows you to immerse yourself more into the music and connect deeply. Ingesting or inhaling weed also lets you enter a state of meditation where you can absorb music even higher. Music being associated with emotions and memories, it is a great idea to pair it with cannabis that helps you feel free and access your emotions better.

Marijuana is known to do some great things and the ability to enhance music experiences is one of them. The most important of all is that marijuana has the ability to stimulate happiness. This is why when you are high and listening to music, it is likely to sound more enjoyable and amazing.