How to Create an Online Cannabis Podcast?

Cannabis Podcast
Source: MJ Bulls

Buy it, crush it and smoke it. Do you think this is enough to enjoy Marijuana or weed in a better way? No, right. To get the most out of the Marijuana and weed, an informative channel such as online podcast is needed. If you are planning to create an online cannabis podcast, you need to follow the following instructions and guidelines. Remember, after setting up the podcast, you need to be patient, and put enough efforts with the right mind and the right information.

Set up a Digital Studio

This is a must. Do not try to use mobile phones or voice recording units for all the tasks. It is better to set up a digital studio. For a better start, do not equip with high tech equipment unless you are sure and have enough budget. What is a digital studio? Well, it depends on the niche. For cannabis niche, you will need a well-lightened studio with green screen, Professional camera with mic, computer with graphics processing capabilities and a big enough space to showcase different recipes.

Create a Nice Theme, Name, and Logo

It is important to pick up a nice theme. The theme highlights your podcast as the first thing they see on your podcast is your name, theme, and logo. Do not make it obvious choices. The name should be brief and attractive. Sometimes, a little fun with a tinge of information. The logo should be good even though you might concentrate more on podcast be it be video podcast or just audio podcast. This will lead to a brand of the podcast.

Spread Your Online Coverage

Creating a podcast is one thing but spreading is something very big. Without proper online coverage, such as social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and other platforms, people who hardly recognize you. As this is a marijuana podcast, not many people will come to your podcast unless you have better coverage.

Concentrate on Content and Strategy

Do not just stick to one strategy for all kinds of works. For example, using information based and evidence-based approach, should not be too technical. Use simpler terms to explain the issue and use of cannabis. Content may include a scripted approach, realistic approach, educational podcast, interview-based podcasts, news-based podcasts, etc. No matter what you want to do you should not make the podcast without having the right information. Do the study and perform.

Podcast Adjustments

Creating a cannabis podcast includes a strategy with adjustments. Do not shove everything at once. For example, a podcast should not include news recaps, scripted content, realistic content, and interviews in a single podcast. Try to change the Patten. You can use everyday podcasts, Friday podcasts, or limited podcasts. Also, you need to adjust the timing of podcasts and the length of the content.

Use Technology to the Effect

Use software, green screen, social media, electronic devices, and platforms effectively. How to use it effectively? Find your requirements and needs. Then find your target audience and finally, use the technology depending on the scenarios. Also following and reputation tracking also helps in changing the approach for the better podcast. Psychedelics Today is a show discussing the important academic and other research in the field of magic mushrooms. They will talk about how psychedelics relate to human potential and healing.

Experiments and Opinions

Without practical elements, fun, guide, and opinions, it is difficult to gain a reputation in the cannabis field. Use different strategies such as live experiments, public interviews, social experiments, interviewing celebs, etc. will help in transcending your podcast experiences.

Do the Right Thing

Cannabis Podcast is difficult as consumers are less. If you are planning for creating a podcast, do not feel disheartened if the process is slow. Put enough time on research, then podcast with the right amount of information and better strategy with technology in the balance. If possible, try to be away from the heard and be a unique Podcaster.